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James and Ola Jordan News
James and Ola Jordan News
James Broken Nose
October 8 2012, 9:29 pm

It doesn't matter if you are an amateur or professionals, like James and Ola, lifts can be a dangerous business. Whilst rehearsing for the first show of the new series James unfortunately broke his nose whilst he and Ola were practising a lift!! Here is what James and Ola had to say about it on Twitter:

The_OlaJordan: Yes guys! It's true!!!! I have just broken my husbands nose!!! I'm so so sorry @The_JamesJordan I feel so bad!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!

The_OlaJordan: I know I doesn't look like it. But @The_JamesJordan saved me from a very nasty fall !! I was going head first.. Even after I broke his nose!

The_JamesJordan: She fell on me...! I saved her!!

The_JamesJordan: Up until now, my broken nose has made more headlines than the XFactor!!! lol

The_JamesJordan: Up early to go and get my nose fixed. I'm a bit nervous!! But then again, I don't want a nose like Brendan so has to be done!!

Watch the incident itself in this clip on the BBC's website:

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