James and Ola Jordan News
James and Ola Jordan News
James and Ola Jordan News
Face of Proactiv
September 28 2014, 6:36 pm

In July of this year Ola was announced as the new face of the Proactiv skin cleansing range. Below are some details of Ola's Proactiv story:

'Being a dancer is hard work at the best of times. Add to this the constant pressure of potential breakouts and it's easy to understand why Strictly Come Dancing star Ola Jordan has struggled with confidence over the years. Ola says, "Being in the spotlight means you're being judged on your appearance. My skin used to make me feel self-conscious and I try to hide my face. Proactiv+ not only cleared up my breakouts but my skin feels really smooth and soft and radiant. I love it".'

'Dancing, heat, sweat, lights, judges...the Strictly Come Dancing Champion has had to struggle with adult breakouts in the public eye and under the scrutiny of judges. Finding a blemish system that actually worked AND took care of her skin was both a revelation and a relief, "It can be hard to take those few steps to a new you...Believe me, I know! But with Proactiv+, everything changes, because Proactiv+ WORKS!".'

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See some images of Ola as the face of Proactiv by clicking the image below:

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